Access guide to the BioHackathon 2018
  • Dec 8 (Sat) Arrival to the Hotel Ichibata (Matsue, Shimane, Japan)
  • Dec 9 (Sun) Symposium @ Hotel Ichibata
  • Dec 10 (Mon) - 15 (Sat) Hackathon @ Hotel Ichibata
If you arrive at the Izumo airport (IZO), Izumo, Shimane, Japan:
If you arrive at the Yonago airport (YGJ), Yonago, Tottori, Japan:
  • Take a bus to the JR Matsue station (45min, 990yen) after buying a ticket at the automatic vending machine in the arriving lobby of the airport
  • Then, take a taxi to the hotel or a bus from the station to the Matsue-Shinjiko-Onsen station (13min, 210yen)

BioHackathon 2018